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We are a team of experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional practitioners serving the White Rock area with safe and effective care. We are able to offer a wide range of therapies resulting in a well-rounded regimen.  We follow a strict code of ethics and are very focused on achieving optimal results in your recovery, rehabilitation, and overall good health.  Every body is different and requires an individual approach to treatment.  This will be assessed and planned with you at your initial visit, and reassessed continually during your progress. We hope to see you soon! 

About Dawn Craig, RMT, MCHP(UK), Manager

Dawn is a dedicated professional known for putting her clients first.  She always ensures her team are motivated and well developed to provide the best treatments and customer service to our patients.  She has resided in Surrey since 1989, and has been a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia as well as the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of BC since becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in 2008.  Dawn is also a member of the Complementary Health Professionals Association (UK).

Dawn's mission is to help you get into the best state of wellness of your life. She believes that anyone can feel healthier and stay well with a well-rounded healthcare program tailored specifically to you. Her goal is to see significant results in your increased well being. With her extensive knowledge of soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions, she is able to apply the correct techniques in order to attain the improved physiologic response she expects, as well as refer out to other healthcare colleagues as required.  

Dawn's leisure activity background is in competitive horseback riding, track and field events, endurance running, cycling, mixed martial arts and weight training 'for fun'.  At present, on top of the 3000 hour RMT program already behind her, she is finishing the last few courses required to achieve her Bachelor of Health Science Degree.

Dawn has raised three sons, worked as a banker for seven years, and for the Provincial Government for 9 years before becoming a Registered Massage Therapist and opening two clinics.

Dawn's education and background gives her great understanding of imbalances and injuries, as well as the body and mind's incredible capabilities to heal.  

Dawn treats exclusively at our Surrey location. She is not accepting additional patients at this time.  Online booking is reserved for existing patients only, please.  Call our office (604) 593-6653 and your booking will be accommodated as soon as possible with another therapist.

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About Yue Yuan (Mia), Registered Dietitian

Mia graduated from McGill University in 2015 and has been working as a registered dietitian for more than 3 years. She is specialized in weight management, chronic disease management and prevention including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and etc. 

Having been helping clients to have healthy lifestyle and to achieve their personal nutritional goals, she always make a customized nutritional care plan for each person. 

Mia will be your best friend on your way towards a more positive lifestyle. 

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About our Naturopathic Physician

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About our Registered Massage Therapist

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About our Registered Psychologist

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