Medical Aesthetics

What are Medical Facials/Medical Aesthetics?

It is the merging of traditional spa therapies with advanced medical technology to enhance skin health.  With the pairing of Medical grade skincare and procedures a medical facial will help encourage a healthy skin lifestyle and offer a results driven treatment plan. 

What can I expect?

  • Your skin may experience temporary irritation, tightness, or redness. These are all normal reactions that typically resolve within 72 hours depending on skin sensitivity.
  • You may experience tingling and stinging in the treatment area. These sensations generally subside within a few hours.
  • Some purging may occur within a few days of the treatment. It is important not to pick at your skin to avoid scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  • Client experiences may vary. Some clients may experience a delayed onset of the symptoms listed above.
  • You will likely see results immediately after treatment and with the appropriate home care your skin may feel smooth and hydrated for one to four weeks.
  • The skin is more susceptible to sunburn/sun damage. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen.


Do I need to prepare my skin before my Medical Facial?

As long as you fill out the intake form, we are good to go. Just make sure you come off any products that contain active ingredients (Retinols, Glycolics, AHA/ BHA) 2-3 days before treatment to avoid any reactions. Avoid excessive sweating (exercise, saunas, etc…) immediately after your treatment and up to the next day. Sweating may cause an increase in tingling in the skin post treatment and/or breakout activity.