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We are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional Registered Massage Therapists serving the Surrey area with safe and effective healthcare. We are able to offer both passive and active therapies resulting in a well-rounded regimen.  We follow a strict code of ethics and are very focused on achieving optimal results in your recovery, rehabilitation, and overall good health.  Every body is different and requires an individual approach to treatment.  This will be assessed and planned with you at your initial visit, and reassessed continually during your progress. We hope to see you soon! 

About Dawn Craig, RMT, MCHP(UK)

Dawn is a dedicated professional known for putting her clients first.  She always ensures her team are motivated and well developed to provide the best treatments and customer service to our patients.  She has resided in Surrey since 1989, and has been a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia as well as the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of BC since becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in 2008.  Dawn is also a member of the Complementary Health Professionals Association (UK).

Dawn's mission is to help you get into the best state of wellness of your life. She believes that anyone can feel healthier and stay well with a regular program of massage therapy, remedial exercise and good maintenance. Her goal is to see significant results in your increased well being. With her extensive knowledge of soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions, she is able to apply the correct techniques in order to attain the improved physiologic response she expects.  

Her post-graduate education is focused on fascial release techniques, ligamentous release and she also incorporates hot stone massage and paraffin wax into her treatments where indicated.

Dawn's leisure activity background is in competitive horseback riding, track and field events, endurance running, cycling, mixed martial arts and weight training 'for fun'.  At present, on top of the 3000 hour RMT program already behind her, she is finishing the last few courses required to achieve her Bachelor of Health Science Degree.

Dawn has raised three sons, worked as a banker for seven years, and for the Provincial Government for 9 years before becoming a Registered Massage Therapist.

Dawn's education and background gives her great understanding of imbalances and injuries, as well as the body and mind's incredible capabilities to heal.  

Dawn is not accepting additional patients at this time.  Online booking is reserved for existing patients only, please.  Call our office (604) 593-6653 and your booking will be accommodated as soon as possible with another therapist.

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About Evan Begeman, RMT

Evan graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster. He has gained experience in orthopaedic and sports injuries while working in multidisciplinary clinics together with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Kinesiologists and Acupuncturists as well as working in professional clinics including the UBC Varsity Sports Clinic, and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.   Evan is currently working with Trinity Western University’s Varsity Sports Teams gaining valued experience in sport specific injuries.   In his free time, Evan enjoys playing ice hockey, mountain biking, snowboarding, and golfing. His active lifestyle allows him to appreciate the complexities of the human body, and lead him to his initial interest in the many benefits of massage therapy. Evan looks forward to meeting you to discuss your treatment goals.

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About Gwen Johnson, RMT

Gwen is educated in Massage Therapy at West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is an active member of the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of BC and the College of Massage Therapists of BC.  Gwen uses a variety of techniques such as Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy to treat a wide range of conditions ranging from chronic pain, headaches, postural dysfunctions, and stress-related disorders.  Each client is given a unique treatment and home-care plan that is specifically tailored to their presenting condition and current needs.  Gwen is also a Class Instructor and Director of Level Up Fitness & Martial Arts Studio.  In-between successfully running two businesses and raising two children, Gwen also regularly participates in Fitness challenges such as running events, Tough Mudder and FemSport.  Growing up, Gwen was sedentary and overweight.  It was through the process of learning how to lose the extra weight that she became interested in discovering about the body.  This interest brought her to the field of Registered Massage Therapy.  Today, Gwen increases her knowledge with ongoing continuing education.

Gwen helps others along their journey through massage therapy, personal trainer, and teaching strength and conditioning classes.

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About Jennifer Smith, RMT

Jennifer graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3,000-hour curriculum in 2015.  At that time, she treated privately in downtown Vancouver before writing her board exams in 2016.  Jenn is a member in good standing of the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia and the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Jenn has a wide variety of interest in all pathologies, as well as a close, personal experience with central and peripheral nervous system pathologies due to her eldest sister’s experience with a life-threatening motor vehicle accident. 

In her personal time, Jenn enjoys running, dance, tennis, movies and reading fiction novels.  

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About Jessica Kendall, RMT

Jessica is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy's Registered Massage Therapy program, an active member of the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of BC and the College of Massage Therapists of BC.  She is a recently registered massage therapist, excited and passionate about starting her career here at dawn Registered Massage Therapy Clinic.  No two patients are alike, and with that in mind Jessica is focused on tailoring the correct treatment style, modality and homecare for each individual that suits their unique lifestyle.  With her knowledge and understanding of the human body, she looks for creative ways to incorporate self care into everyday life.  Jessica has created a professional environment with clients to support and empower them towards their own healthcare goals.

Jessica's goals in each treatment are​ to promote overall well being and health with the use of massage therapy, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy in a clinical setting.  

Jessica is moving to Benefit Health Therapeutic Registered Massage, 19897 56 Ave #107, Langley, BC after December 7, 2018. Please join us in wishing Jessica everything wonderful as she continues her journey.

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About Kristina Peddie, RMT

Kristina graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster and has been a Registered massage therapist since 2011.  She gets ridiculously excited when her patients make progress or gains either in the treatment room or out in their active lives.  It can be so frustrating to want to be active and be held back because of injuries, and helping people safely ease back into their regular routine is very satisfying.  Kristina especially likes hunting down trigger points, and puzzling out headaches.  She utilizes stretching, exercises, and her knowledge of massage therapy techniques to help create a treatment plan to benefit each patient.  Our expectant mums will be excited to know that Kristina uses 'pregnancy pillows' so that you can lay on your front during your massage!

Kristina was born and raised here in Surrey, and she couldn't imagine living anywhere else.  She feels blessed to be so near her friends and family, and there is nothing she likes more than a lazy Saturday BBQ with family.

Kristina loves martial arts.  In real life or the movies.  She has been involved in her local Tae Kwon Do club almost as long as she has been a RMT, and she feels it's difficult to pinpoint what she loves about it.  The exercise, the sparring, the thrilling competitions or just the discipline, she loves all of it!  She was involved in the Tough Mudder in 2015, and that was the most grueling fun thing she has ever done on the side of a mountain, and she looks forward to doing it again in a couple of years.

Kristina will be starting a new adventure at Scott Road Massage Therapy and leaving us on November 22nd, 2018.  Please come in and wish her well or find her at 8636 120th Street, Surrey, BC!


About Pinder Dhillon, RMT

Pinder Dhillon graduated from the Massage Therapy program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2016. He has always been interested in human anatomy, health and wellness which lead him to pursue a career in massage therapy.

Pinder enjoys working with a wide variety of conditions and people of all ages. He is grateful that his career allows him the opportunity to continually learn and develop as a health care practitioner.

Treatment modalities Pinder uses include Swedish Massage, active &passive stretching techniques, trigger point release, GTO, positional release, range of motion, fascial release techniques, joint mobilization, remedial exercises and patient education.

Pinder encourages his patients by teaching them the tools of proper stretching/strengthening and reinforcing postural awareness.

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About Rochelle Norman, RMT

Rochelle attended the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and graduated from the 3000 hour program in 2012.  She is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia along with the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of BC.

Cloverdale, BC is where Rochelle was born and raised with a small town heart. With her love for nature’s elements, she spends her free time hiking and camping, as well as taking her beloved dog for walks on various local trails. Rochelle is engaged with her fitness and enjoys taking workout classes such as zumba and body sculpt.

The career path that Rochelle has chosen stemmed from having many close friends and family members  with various ailments and health concerns. She decided a profession in health care was truly meant for her. Upon doing research in various areas of medical careers, she found a passion for massage therapy. 

Some of the areas of massage therapy that Rochelle is interested in, but not limited to, are; pre/post natal, fascial restrictions, TMJ disorder, sports-related injuries, systemic conditions & post treatment care.

Looking forward to the years ahead, Rochelle is committed to expanding her knowledge in the medical research field by attending continuing education classes, and by learning from her peers. Knowledge of the human body is extremely rewarding to her.

One of her main focuses as a therapist is to set up an unparalleled treatment plan for every individual client.  She is dedicated in making sure each client sets goals of achieving optimal health, and will be right by your side helping you every step of the way.  

Rochelle is not accepting additional patients at this time.  Online booking is reserved for existing patients only, please.  Call our office (604) 593-6653 and your booking will be accommodated as soon as possible with another therapist.

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Sabrina Yang, RMT

Sabrina graduated from the Vancouver Career College’s Massage Therapy Program with Honor in 2017. She truly loves what she does. Her interest in preventative health care and the natural healing power of the human body has lead her to become a Registered Massage Therapist.

Sabrina believes the power of massage therapy will help you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Your body is truly amazing and it has every intention to get back to normal, no matter what your normal is. As a practitioner of massage therapy, her role is to provide a little help and guidance for your body to heal itself. She believes everyone has a different goal and Sabrina will be there 100% every step of the way. 

Sabrina encourages open communication during treatment about how things feel and any changes that may occur. Living in a dynamic world means some days we need a very light touch for relaxation and other days we need a little more pressure to release 

those problem areas. Sabrina recognizes this and can adapt to what your body needs anytime.

In her spare time, Sabrina loves cooking, reading, watching documentaries about minimalism, food and health and spending time with her husband and lovely two little girls. She is fascinated by nutrition and truly believes food is the best medicine available for human body.

Click the link below to book an appointment with Sabrina:

About Sophia Fischer, RMT

Sophia is originally from Nelson, B.C. and moved to Toronto in 2015 to pursue a career in physical therapy. She is a graduate of Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy where she learned and worked within diverse specialty clinics, including spinal cord rehabilitation, with high risk pregnancy patients, in a sports clinic, and with individual athletes. Although not currently practicing as an acupuncturist, she also expanded her skills and knowledge to include acupuncture, which further expanded her knowledge and understanding of the human body and pathologies. 

Sophia's massage treatment style begins with ascertaining each patient's motivation for seeking massage therapy and developing an individualized treatment based on the patient's desired outcomes. Her fundamental philosophy is that each person's nervous system is unique and thus will respond differently to touch and pressure, and that different things will feel good to different people. Accordingly, her relationship with each patient is unique and her treatment approach corresponds to what their body needs at that time. 

Generally, Sophia likes to work with rhythmic techniques and broad compressions, combined with Swedish massage. She also likes to work with heat and gentle joint movement techniques to facilitate movement in areas that are feeling restricted. Slow progressions are a focus, as they give the nervous system time to adjust and relax. When working with patient's in pain, Sophia enjoys doing a thorough assessment with the intention of finding the perpetrating factor of the pain.

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 About Wilson Mah, B.Sc (Kin), RMT

Wilson graduated from the RMT program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2015 as well as from Simon Fraser University in 2010 as a certified Kinesiologist.  Wilson will combine the immediate benefits of registered massage therapy with the long term benefits of exercise and active rehabilitation programs to provide a well balanced approach in achieving optimal health.  

During his spare time, Wilson is heavily involved in recreational sport leagues such as volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and dodge-ball. Wilson is a firm believer that implementing a fun and enjoyable activity program is the keystone in building a successful foundation for leading a healthy life. 

Wilson’s educational background provides him with the skillset to help bring you back to your desired health in all stages of rehabilitation. 

After five years with us, Wilson will be leaving on December 17th, 2018, to open his own clinic!  We will always have his forwarding information here once he is ready to start.  Please join us in wishing him well!


 About Heather Brighton, Office Manager

With over 20 years of medical office clerical and management experience, we are very fortunate to have Heather at our helm.  Heather is responsible for our medical billing, accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, supervising staff and associates, and maintaining a productive and efficient working environment. Our patients and colleagues alike appreciate Heather’s knowledgeable and professional demeanor when dealing with their bookings, questions, feedback, recommendations and general needs.  

Heather brings a lot of fun to our clinic and we couldn’t imagine our office without her. Heather is also passionate about physical fitness, Crossfit, and fitness obstacle races.


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Our goal to see you enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness. Registered Massage Therapy is proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels to attain well-being from acute and chronic conditions, to balanced muscle and bone strength, and improve relaxation.

We appreciate having a scent-free and cell phone free environment and kindly ask you to participate in this effort.

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